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Welcome to FCW International Limited, the market leading manufacturer and supplier of arc and gas welding and cutting equipment, welding consumables and accessories.                                                 

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About FCW 

 FCW Int Ltd specalizes in the manufacturing welding and cutting equipment. more


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 PCM 200 + Carriage

 PCM 130 Guoging

 Plasma Guoging

Services & Support

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 Weld Logo

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. HF Main Arc
. HF Pilot Arc  Main Arc
. Use S series Torch
     Pilot Arc Main Arc
. Use S series Torch
     Main Arc

 2 rolls

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 4 roll feeder

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         We offer OEM & ODM Welding Machine services.

We Can Produce:
1 ph 110/115/120/200/
3 ph 200/220/230/240/380/
 TIG  42V OCV ; 110V OCV
 MMA  56V OCV ; 110V OCV


Safety Products

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Batteries   Battery symbol
Cart & Wheel Kit



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Plasma Cut Torches  PlasmaTorch.jpg Plasma Torch picture by fcwintltd
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TIG Torches 

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Smart Tips

Welding Symbol

Become a Certified Welding Inspector   more





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